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GC9D1_4.jpg (41555 bytes)  Starting down the New Hance trail

GC9D1_6.jpg (42062 bytes)  High on the steep section of the New Hance trail

GC9D1_8.jpg (65069 bytes)  Lower on the New Hance trail

GC9D1_10.jpg (95399 bytes)  Kathy traversing a boulder slide on the New Hance trail

GC9D1_13.jpg (107668 bytes)  Low on the New Hance trail

GC9D1_14.jpg (91496 bytes)  Nearing the end of the New Hance trail

GC9D1_16.jpg (31792 bytes)  Looking back up the New Hance trail from the beach area

GC9D2_1.jpg (73780 bytes)  Looking down the slide at Papago

GC9D2_2.jpg (93188 bytes)  Looking upriver on the walk from Papago to 75 Mile Creek

GC9D2_7.jpg (83471 bytes)  Kathy standing in one of the pour offs on 75 Mile Creek

GC9D2_8.jpg (65439 bytes)  Beating the afternoon heat on 75 Mile beach

GC9D2_11.jpg (51316 bytes)  Looking up river from 75 Mile beach

GC9D2_13.jpg (113311 bytes)  A fat and happy toad in 75 Mile Canyon

GC9D2_18.jpg (80570 bytes)  View from high up 75 Mile Canyon with Desert View tower in background

GC9D2_19.jpg (64656 bytes)  Another view from high up 75 Mile Canyon

GC9D2_20.jpg (86651 bytes)  One of the larger pour offs in 75 mile Canyon



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