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April 15, 2002 - Grand Canyon - 6 Days

Tanner, Escalante

Food and Equipment List in Excel workbook form. There are four spreadsheet tabs in this workbook. One each for food, first aid, equipment, and trail information. I have included individual and total weights for all of the equipment.

Food and Equipment List in HTML format. The conversion process does some strange things, like truncating some of the text, so I make no guarantees about this one.

Miscellaneous Equipment Notes:

Our Canon S110 Digital Elph camera (2.1 megapixel resolution) did a commendable job, and survived the rigors of the Canyon with just a few minor surface scratches. With the carrying case, two spare NiMH rechargeable batteries, and an extra Compact Flash memory card, the total weight was 12.2 ounces. We filled one 128MB CF card of pictures and some medium resolution videos (yes, it also does short videos with sound) with the same battery, never using the two spares I carried. After a couple of days when I noticed some surface scratches on the stainless steel camera body from the blowing sand, I put the camera in a Ziplock bag for protection. Although some very fine sand did get on the viewfinder lens, the automatic lens cover kept the main lens clean.

Because we were camping at Tanner Beach and worried about rodents, we used Ursack bags for food storage. Designed to protect food from bears, the Kevlar fabric is also effective against rodents and other chewing animals. The bags weigh 5 ounces and, with the drawstring tops, are easy to use. We never did see any rodents, but the bags provided us with a feeling of security. The long drawstrings are also made of unchewable Kevlar with a tensile strength of over 1000 pounds, and are designed to tie around a tree to prevent animals from carrying the bags off.



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