Sept. 97 Hike

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GC7IA6.jpg (55565 bytes)  Desert View Tower at the East entrance of the Grand Canyon National Park

GC7ID220.jpg (76953 bytes)  Tanner Trailhead at Lipan Point

GC7IA16.jpg (25392 bytes)  Kathy ready to go at dawn, apprehensive but happy

GC7IA25.jpg (59435 bytes)  Escalante Butte as seen from the upper Tanner Trail

GC7IB8.jpg (84531 bytes)  Cardenas Butte

GC7IB12.jpg (67780 bytes)  Camping area on Cardenas Butte

GC7IB14.jpg (72196 bytes)  Kathy standing at the top of the Redwall just before descending

GC7IB16.jpg (60592 bytes)  View of the Muav Limestone section below Redwall

GC7IB22.jpg (77390 bytes)  Kathy in the shade of a large boulder, one of the few shady spots on the trail

GC7IC7.jpg (75332 bytes)  The Ziplock Bag method of settling silt out of the river water

GC7IC8.jpg (75639 bytes)  Our camp at Comanche Creek

GC7ID13.jpg (49183 bytes)  Hiking on the Escalante Route in the 100+ heat

GC7ID18.jpg (71592 bytes)  Our camp at Tanner Rapids

GC7ID111.jpg (30137 bytes)  Hiking by headlamps in the dark to beat the daytime heat

GC7ID22.jpg (87518 bytes)  Our camp at 75 Mile Saddle

GC7ID29.jpg (23408 bytes)  The view down 75 Mile Canyon in the evening

GC7ID211.jpg (57189 bytes)  The view down 75 Mile Canyon in the morning

GC7ID215.jpg (80511 bytes)  Looking back at the buttes as we near the top of Tanner Trail.

GC7ID217.jpg (76828 bytes)  After our successful first backpack trip into the Canyon

GC7ID225.jpg (48265 bytes)  Cameron Trading Post

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