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On October 8, 2005, Kathy and I headed out to Arizona for our at least once-a-year hike in the Grand Canyon. This time, instead of traveling alone as we have always done, we were accompanied by Wally and Marilyn on their first trip out West.

This worked out well for Kathy and I as we were doing a Rim-to-Rim hike, and having Wally and Marilyn along took care of the logistical problems of getting the car from the North Rim where we were starting our hike to the South Rim where we would be ending our hike. For the four days that Kathy and I were in the Canyon, Wally and Marilyn toured Zion, Bryce and Lake Powell.

On our way back to Phoenix, we visited with Richard and Diane Homenick in Prescott Valley. Kathy and Wally had not seen their cousin Richard since they were children, and they had a great reunion.

We also ran into Alex, his friend Dale, and Doyle on the way back, and spent a nice afternoon at the Homenick Ranch.

Following are a small selection of the hundreds of photos we took on the trip. Click on the thumbnail images to see the larger pictures. Email me for the full-sized original files (over 2MB per picture) if a high-resolution image is needed for a large print.



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