Dalhousie 2002

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Pictures from trip to visit Uncle Ben in Dalhousie, NB, in May, 2002.....

Picture 001.jpg (43134 bytes)    Kathy and Mom at the rest area in New Hampshire

Picture 002.jpg (50665 bytes)    Picture 003.jpg (58090 bytes)    Good food at the Elm Tree Diner in Houlton

Picture 004.jpg (46192 bytes)    Picture 005.jpg (28610 bytes)    Ivey's Motel in Houlton, Maine

Picture 006.jpg (69304 bytes)    Mom has been known to stop at a yard sale or two.....

Picture 007.jpg (36399 bytes)    Picture 008.jpg (32156 bytes)    Longest covered bridge in the world in Hartland, NB

Picture 009.jpg (43699 bytes)    Picture 012.jpg (44617 bytes)    Uncle Ben telling stories, and after the lobster dinner

Picture 010.jpg (70405 bytes)    Picture 015.jpg (34716 bytes)    Picture 016.jpg (50882 bytes)    View and dining room at the Manoir Adelaide

Picture 013.jpg (77122 bytes)    Picture 020.jpg (68566 bytes)    Uncle Ben's house

Picture 011.jpg (31257 bytes)    Picture 017.jpg (31522 bytes)    Picture 019.jpg (25836 bytes)        Picture 018.jpg (43203 bytes)    Dalhousie views



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