Dripping Springs

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The hike from Hermit's Rest to Dripping Springs is a pleasant 6.5 mile round trip day hike which should take about 6 hours depending on hiking speed and how much time is spent resting and enjoying the views. This particular day was quite overcast, with low clouds moving through the Canyon below us, and on and off drizzle. There is not much exposure, but a couple of spots might give a first timer some concern. There is little view of the Colorado River along this trail.

At Dripping Springs there is a large overhang that gives good protection from the rain. There appears to be a camping area just below the spring, but I am sure that no one would camp there because at-large camping is not allowed in that area .....

Starting on the Hermit Trail, the Waldron trail joins at 1.5 miles at the bottom of the hill. At 1.75 miles, the Hermit Trail goes off to the right at the junction of the Dripping Springs Trail. Contouring around a few drainages will bring you to the junction of the Boucher Trail, which heads off to the right at 2.75 miles. After that point you start walking up the drainage that leads to Dripping Springs, gaining a couple of hundred feet of altitude along the way. This last section is somewhat overgrown and scratchy. Dripping Springs is at 3.25 miles.

Hermit1.jpg (174586 bytes) Kathy at Hermits Rest

Hermit2.jpg (211916 bytes)  The Hermit Trail shortly after leaving Hermit's Rest

Hermit3.jpg (179663 bytes)  Cobblestones pave the trail in one section

Hermit4.jpg (177921 bytes)  Junction of the Hermit Trail and the Dripping Springs Trail

Hermit5.jpg (138057 bytes)  A view from the Dripping Springs Trail

Hermit6.jpg (218589 bytes)  The trail hugs some cliffs in spots

Hermit7.jpg (229110 bytes)  Start of the Boucher Trail

Hermit8.jpg (219023 bytes)  Kathy coming up the last few feet to Dripping Springs

Hermit9.jpg (189810 bytes)  Kathy checking out the drip, standing by the pool

Hermit10.jpg (144487 bytes)  The strange walls under the overhang at Dripping Springs



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