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November 5, 2007 - Grand Canyon - 6 Days

 Hermit-Boucher Loop


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Kathy and I had a goal to complete all of the South Rim trails from the Little Colorado River confluence to the Boucher Trail. With this hike, we have now met that goal.


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We camped the first two nights at Hermit Creek (BM7), with a daytrip on the second day to Hermit Rapids where we had lunch and watched a river trip running the rapids.


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On the third day, we hiked over to a camping spot near Boucher Creek. There is a mine and remnants of stone structures in the area. Some sheep were grazing on the hills just across the creek from our camp. This is a nice spot to hang out and relax. We explored down Boucher Creek a short distance, but did not go to the Colorado River. We saw some pretty impressive spiders walking on the creek bed.


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After two nights at Boucher Creek, we packed up and headed up the Boucher Trail. Junction of the Boucher and the Tonto is marked with a B scratched into a rock.


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Perhaps it is our ages catching up to us, but climbing out of the Boucher seemed to be the hardest trail we had experienced so far (perhaps with the exception of the start of the south Canyon trail). Regardless of the reason, we were happy to arrive at our Yuma Point destination for our final camp.


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The hike from Yuma Point to the junction with Hermit is not challenging, and is a pleasant walk. After the final climb on the Hermit, we headed for Flagstaff for our traditional mushroom Swiss cheeseburgers at Busters Restaurant.


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