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9/24/13 - General Updates

4/18/08  -  Added November, 2007 Grand Canyon hike page

8/23/08  -  Removed NH Condo Rental link

9/15/07 - Added audio symbol to Zalabowski page

7/21/07 - Added home-run audio sound bite to Zalabowski page

6/27/07 - Fixed some broken hyperlinks

10/22/06 -  Added October 9, 2006 Grand Canyon trip report

8/27/06  -  Added link to Richard Perry's All Hikers Grand Canyon Website

7/27/06 - Added remaining AAU National photos to RI Tides Baseball page

7/26/06 - Added additional AAU National photos to RI Tides Baseball page

7/25/06 - Added AAU National stats and photos to RI Tides Baseball page

7/9/06 -Added July 9 Game 1 and Game 2 photos to RI Tides Baseball pages

7/8/06 - Added July 8 G and Game 2 photos to RI Tides Baseball pages

7/1/06 - Added Yale and New Haven photos to RI Tides Baseball pages

6/17/06  -  Added Vermont Edge photos to RI Tides Baseball pages

6/11/06 -  Added NE Playoff Round 2 RI Tides Baseball pages

5/29/06 - Added NE Playoff Round 1 RI Tides Baseball pages

5/21/06  -  Added May 21 RI Tides Baseball scores and game photos

5/20/06  -  Added May 20 RI Tides Baseball scores and game photos

5/14/06  -  Updated the Alpine 39 Condo sub-web photos

5/13/06  -  Updated the Zalabowski page

5/8/06  -  Added May 7 Photos on RI Tides Baseball page

5/7/06  -  Updated scores on RI Tides Baseball page

4/30/06  -  Added April 30 pictures and scores on RI Tides Baseball page

4/29/06 - Updated scores and added April 29 game pics on RI Tides Baseball page

4/22/06 - Added April 22 photos to RI Tides Baseball page

4/17/06  -  Added April 17 Photos to RI Tides Baseball page

4/17/06 -  Updated RI Tides Baseball page

4/15/06  -  Added April 15 game photos and updated RI Tides page

4/15/06  -  Added April 2 game photos and updated RI Tides page

4/9/06 - Added RI Tides page and April 9 Game Photos

3/17/06 - Updated Alpine Village Condo Unit 39 sub-web contact email

12/30/05  -  Fixed broken links

12/24/05 - Fixed link to Homenick Vermont photo on Family Page

12/17/05 - Housekeeping updates

12/17/05 - Added Family page for Emma Rose Homenick and a Family page for our Arizona 2005 Trip including our visit with Richard and Diane Homenick

10/30/05 - Added October 2005 Grand Canyon Trip Report

8/27/05 Fixed buttons and made minor tweeks to the pages

8/16/05 Fixed link to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Grand_Canyon_Hikers/messages

4/5/05 Fixed typo

1/15/05 Updated copyright date and added Home link to page footer

12/15/04  Corrected file name error Alpine 39 subweb

12/14/04 Updated video library in Alpine 39 subweb 

12/14/04 Removed SPAM entries and disabled Guest Book entries 

11/20/04 Removed SPAM entries from Guest Book and archived 2002 and 2003

11/7/04 Added April 2004 Grand Canyon hike trip report and pictures

11/26/03 Added Video Library List to Alpine 39 Subweb

11/23/03 Added October 2003 Grand Canyon hike trip report and pictures

11/14/03 edited Alpine 39 subweb

6/5/03 added hover button to NH Condo page for Alpine Village Condo rental information

6/1/03 modified sub web for Alpine Village Condo vacation rental

5/31/03 added subweb for Alpine Village Condo Rental rental ( NH Condo Rental ) page

5/7/03 added NH Condo pictures page

2/27/03 Added pictures from Joe to Mike Gonsalves page

2/27/03 Added Providence Journal Profile/Obituary to Mike Gonsalves page

2/26/03 Added pics from Mike's friend Thom Cahir to Mike Gonsalves page

2/24/03 Added additional pictures to Mike Gonsalves page

2/23/03 Added page in memory of Mike "The Doctor" Gonsalves

1/18/03 Fixed link to Anthony Rocchio pictures on Family page

12/27/02 Added Christmas in Johnston Pics Page

12/25/02 Added Christmas in Greenville Pics Page

12/23/02 Added a page for Bob's 2002 Xmas party pics.

10/28/02 Added Sebastian baby pics to Family Page.

8/12/02 Added pictures of fallen oak tree to Family Page.

8/3/02  Added pictures from Cousin Pierre's visit to Family Page.

6/29/02  Cleaned up guestbook. Eliminated inoperative link on family page.

5/28/02  Re-arranged pics and added text to Dalhousie, NB trip on family page.

5/27/02  Added Dalhousie, NB trip to family page.

5/19/02  Added page for Amanda's 1st Communion pictures.

5/15/02  Added information and picture to April 2002 hike.

5/11/02  Added April 2002 hike down the Tanner Trail.

2/8/02 Added rugs to Navajo Art page

12/22/01 Added pot to Navajo Art page

12/16/01 Added Bob's Xmas party pictures to Family page

12/14/01 Change ring pictures on Navajo Art page

12/13/01 Added Baatsoslanii and Hosteen Etsitty hyperlinks to sand paintings on Navajo Art page. Fixed hyperlinks to current family page, and obsoleted old family page.

12/12/01 Changed ring pics and added rug to Navajo Art page

12/11/01  Added items to Navajo Art page

12/5/01  Re-arranged sand paintings page

11/27/01  Added a link to Charlie D's website with more Walter party pictures.

11/24/01  Added new family page for Walter's 80th birthday celebration pictures.

11/12/01  Added Navajo Art page with sand painting collection

10/27/01  Added HTML version of Trip Plan per request. Added links to albums on Family Page.

10/11/01  Added Services Team picture to Family Page

9/16/01  Added Alaska trip pictures to Family Page

9/16/01  Added picture in Family Page

8/19/01  Updated link to Official Grand Canyon Website on home page

8/16/01  Completed repairs due to upload errors, changed counter style.

8/14/01  Moved website to new Web Presence Provider due to constant problems with server.

7/29/01  Added new page for Lyons Sibling Pictures. Added Sitemeter tracking.

7/22/01  Added Homenick group photo to family page

7/12/01  Added links on home page to food, equipment and South Canyon pics

7/7/01    Fixed broken Colorado River hyperlinks in May 96 trip.

7/4/01    Added May 2001 Hike to South Canyon - Photos only

6/9/01    Added family pictures from Poland

5/2/01    Updated link to GrandCanyon Egroups

5/2/01    Spelling corrections.

4/15/01 Minor editorial edits.

3/23/01 Updated external link in family page http://www.clickmatch.cc/wedding/

3/3/01    Repaired broken hyperlinks.

1/27/01 Removed commercial solicitation from guest book. Added The Z's family picture page.

1/26/01 Edited Dripping Spring day hike page. Fixed link problem.

1/21/01 Removed Table of Contents page. Added Family section. Added family pictures. Updated copyright date. Added Day Hikes section and Dripping Springs trip report.

10/10/00 Added more pictures to Family page through Family2 page.

9/4/00 Added external link to Merideth and Andy wedding pictures on family album page.

8/28/00 Added some pictures to the family album page.

6/12/00 Replaced missing text on Home Page.

6/11/00 Added Table of Contents page.

6/10/00 Added guest book.

6/4/00 Reformatted home page and added some links.

6/03/00 Added some hotlinks to April/May 00 Hike. Renamed some files and pages. Updated Home Page.

5/27/00 Added an equipment page to the April/May 00 Hike, and a zip file trip plan option.

5/26/00 Added map and food preparation information to April/May 00 Hike.

5/25/00 Added Excel 97 Workbook detailing food and equipment for April/May 00 Hike.

5/21/00 Added photos to April/May 00 hike. Added links to home page.

5/18/00 Edited April 30, 2000 trip.

5/16/00 Fixed some typos.

5/15/00 Added link to 4/30/00 trip to GC trip page.

5/14/00 Entered text only for April 30, 2000 trip. Pictures should follow within two weeks.

3/12/00 Added hyperlinks to May 96 River Trip.

3/3/00 Added some pictures to Grand Canyon Trips page.

2/27/00 Added more photos to April 99 photo gallery. Added May 1996 Colorado River Trip.

2/26/00 Added Photo Gallery and some photos to April 99 hike. Added name to copyright notice, reformatted Grand Canyon Hikes page.

2/20/00 Added food list and menu to May 98 trip report, modified lionhead picture.

2/19/00 Added September 1997 trip report.

2/15/00 Re-organized hierarchy structure putting food and equipment pages linked to actual trip report. Re-titled some pages.

2/14/00 Added 1998 Equip List and 1998 Food List (under construction) pages, corrected typos.

2/13/00 Replaced picture on update page, tweaked Feb 12 design.

2/12/00 Added May 1998 trip report, changed hierarchy structure of trip reports, added map to April 1999 trip report (because my friend Jim Wilkins wanted it).

2/8/00 Added navigation buttons and Update History page, added picture, reformatted trip report pictures, added hit counter, added dynamic effects to trip report

2/7/00  Added Trip Report for April 15, 1999 nine day trip on New Hance, Escalante, Tonto and Grandview



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